Return Policy - Can't return or refund after order has been made according to proof.
If the products are made according to the approved sample, distributor cannot return them to us because all these merchandise have been made to order or even have been imprinted. We cannot reuse them any longer. When you order, please inspect all the samples we sent and verify every details before mass production. 

How to file a claim on defective goods?
You must file a claim to the sales representative, copy to, must provide paper work to prove the merchandise are not what you require to order, such as your order file, virtual proof, pre-production sample image, and the merchandise images taken after they have delivered. Display the difference from your approved quality or indicate the flaws, the lack of quantity or defective items.  After 4 weeks the order has been delivered, cannot file a claim.

Does we offer replacements and exchanges?
No, you cannot create any replacement and exchange orders from the orders you awarded to us. But If you received a damaged or defective item, we’ll ship you a replacement of the exact item after you provide proof.